CSR Activities

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility activities taken within the PR strategy implemented at the Military Property Agency cover the following four fields: historical education, acting in favor of local communities, 'breaking the barriers' and projects prepared in view of cultivating military traditions and supporting Polish soldiers.

What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept based on the assumption that companies, corporations and organizations would by their own initiative consider an extensive scope of social interest in their strategies and activities. CSR means not only to comply with official and legal requirements, but also to maintain good relationships with the environment, investing in human resources, assistance and participation in resolving major local social problems related to poverty, exclusion, living standard, lack of respect for human rights, education system, etc.

Responsible business means a long-term strategic search for community beneficial solutions based on social dialogue principles. Involvement in pro-social activities and organization of PR campaigns would frequently not only contribute to gaining publicity for social problems, but sometimes even to such problems being resolved. Implementation of CSR ideas activates local communities, arises enthusiasm and inspires to continued activity. Companies and organizations supporting social and charity associations offer good example to other enterprises. This is a way to propagate charity attitudes, and popularity of such actions enables active helpers to offer assistance to extensive groups of those in need. CSR programmes have also certain educational functions.

They promote socially desired standards, values and behaviors while equipping people with specific practical skills. They also enable and encourage local communities to take an active part in cultural and social life.