Wastes - non-licensed movables

Auctions for wastes may be attended by entities that have presented the originals or notarized copies of:

  • a current extract form the appropriate register or a current certificate of entry in the business register with respect to collection of and trading in auctioned wastes;
  • a permit for transport and collection, or transport and recycling, or transport and neutralization of auctioned wastes, complying with the requirements of Act on Waste of 27 April 2001 (Journal of Laws of 2010 No. 185, item 1243 as amended);
  • entry to the register of the Chief Inspector for Environment Protection (registration number) – in case of the management of waste electric and electronic equipment within the meaning of the Act of the 29 July 2005 on waste electric and electronic equipment.

The originals or copies of the above- mentioned documents should be presented to the auction organizer prior to depositing the bid bond. Apart from that the winning bidder shall be obliged to sign a contract and an appropriate declaration that the wastes bought will be collected, transported and disposed of in accordance with the requirements laid down in the following acts of law: of 27 April 2001 "On Wastes" (Journal of Laws of 2007 No. 39, item 251 as amended) and "The Environment Protection Act" (Journal of Laws of 2008 No. 25, item 150 as amended), and in the applicable ordinances of ministers of appropriate economic departments.

The buyer shall be also obliged to sign, on the date of collecting the wastes, the "Waste Transfer Card" issued by the appropriate military unit.