Soft goods purchase rules

The Military Property Agency has in its resources a wide range of movables that are not used by the organizational units subordinated to the Minister of National Defence and the Minister for Interior and Administration (Police, Border Guards), taken over under the provisions of the Act of 10 July 2015 on on the Military Property Agency (Dz.U. poz. 1322).

Unlicensed movables are sold by auction or without a tendering procedure.

Under the tendering procedure unlicensed movables are sold by public oral auctions. Auctions are organized by local offices of the Military Property Agency. Details may be found on the subpage: "Auctions".

In case of purchasing waste materials the purchaser should secure necessary permits and declarations. Details may be found on the subpage: "Wastes".

Purchased movables shall be collected at the date and time each time specified by auction organizers, following payment of the full amount of the winning price, plus VAT at the amount statutorily determined for a given type of equipment (item).

Unlicensed movables may be sold by way of retail sale providing their book value does not exceed the amount specified in the regulations concerning recognition of assets as fixed assets, and at the same time it has been decided that an auction shall not bring about a price higher than a current market price.

No tender sale is conducted at sales points organized in all local offices of the Agency.

Details may be found on the subpage: "No tender".