About us

The Military Property Agency is an executive agency supervised by the Minister of National Defence. The legal status and the scope of its competences are determined by the Act of 10 July 2015 on the Military Property Agency (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 614).

AMW performs own and commissioned tasks. The most important own tasks include:

  • management of the State Treasury's property entrusted and lent to the Agency;
  • trade in the property (sale of residential premises, other the real estate and infrastructure);
  • taking over and purchasing property;
  • repairs of buildings of residential and utility premises, as well as boarding houses, and the related infrastructure;
  • conducting business activities;
  • preparation of a draft three-year plan to use the housing and boarding resource, and presentation to the Minister National Defence for approval;
  • construction of residential houses;
  • storage and trade in explosives, weapons, ammunition as well as products and technology for military or police purposes mentioned in the Act of 22 June 2001 on running business activities in the field of manufacturing and trade in explosives, weapons, ammunition, as well as products and technology for military or police purposes;
  • cooperation with entrepreneurs conducting tasks in the field of national defence and security with regard to implementation of trade in goods, technologies and services of strategic importance for the national security mentioned in the Act of 29 November 2000 on foreign trade in goods, technologies and services of strategic importance for national security as well as for maintaining international peace and security.  

Commissioned tasks are tasks delegated by the Minister National Defence with regard to housing, boarding management and modernization of residential resources, in particular relating to:

  • planning and implementation of investments;
  • payment to the persons authorized to cash benefits, for which the Agency receives a budget subsidy;
  • issuing to professional soldiers the decisions on assigning housing premises being at the disposal of Agency;
  • creating conditions favourable for rational use of residential and boarding resources.

Mission Statement

We support Polish Armed Forces,
take care of accommodation of soldiers
sell real property, armaments and equipment.