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President of the Military Property Agency - Agnieszka Bolesta

President of the Military Property Agency - Agnieszka Bolesta

Agnieszka Bolesta
President of the Military Property Agency

On September 10, 2020, the Minister of National Defence, Mariusz Błaszczak, appointed Agnieszka Bolesta as the president of the Military Property Agency.

Agnieszka Bolesta – a graduate of the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology. A civil servant with over 20 years of experience. In the years 2002-2005, Director of the Environment Protection Department in the Warsaw City Hall, then (2005-2007) Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of the Environment. From 2008, a technical advisor at the Supreme Audit Office for eight years. Subsequently, Director of the Centre for Document Personalization of the Ministry of Interior and Administration (2016-2018). Between 2018 and 2020, President of the Management Board of one of the companies of the Military Property Agency – AMW TBS KWATERA. KWATERA comprehensively administers housing stock with a total area of over 3,000,000 square metres for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces. It effectively manages more than 32,000 premises and specializes in servicing company dwellings (including for military purposes), and apartments for rental.

Agnieszka Bolesta has completed, among others, postgraduate studies in the field of ‘management in public administration’ at the Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management, postgraduate studies in the field of ‘auditing financial statements of public finance units’ at the Polish Academy of Sciences, and postgraduate studies in ‘cybersecurity’ at the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia. She was one of the founders of the Association for Sustainable Development of Poland, where she served as Secretary of the Association’s Board of Directors in 2000-2002.

She has successfully passed the following exams: for candidates for supervisory board members in state-owned companies in 2004, for the National Personnel Resource in 2007, and the inspection exam with a very good result in 2010.

Vice President - Piotr Jastrzębski

Vice President - Piotr Jastrzębski

Piotr Jastrzębski
Vice President of Military Property Agency

Piotr Jastrzębski – expert and manager with over twenty years’ professional experience in consumer electronic goods and IT sectors. Graduate of Management and Marketing at the Warsaw School of Economics. He also completed Kellogg on Marketing courses at  Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University  in  Evanston, Illinois. Before his appointment to the position of Vice-President of the Military Property Agency AMW, he was responsible for management control and risk management at the Documents Personalisation Centre in the Ministry of the Interior and Administration.

In the years 2005-2014 employed at  Microsoft Polska Sp. z o.o. as Marketing Manager in the Microsoft Office Business Group, responsible for, inter alia, preparation of budgets  and sales, marketing and communications strategies, as well as implementation of global advertising campaigns. His business experience also includes holding managerial positions at  Samsung Electronics Polska Sp. z o.o. (2002-2004), Sony Poland Sp. z o.o. (2001-2002) and Phillips Polska Sp. z o.o. (1997-2001).

As a business consultant, he developed management and marketing competence by creating and implementing business, sales and marketing strategies for brands active on the consumer electronic goods and household appliances markets.


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