AMW Companies

AMW REWITA Sp. z o.o.

AMW REWITA is a private limited company that continues the activity of military holiday homes. Since 2011 it has been successful in the market of conference and holiday services. REWITA manages 12 centers located in tourist destinations, which for years have enjoyed unmatched popularity. It can be found all over Poland, both by the sea (Jurata, Międzyzdroje, Mielno, Sopot) and in the mountains (Kościelisko, Zakopane). Thanks to the appropriate backroom (4 800 beds and 51 conference rooms), REWITA’s offer is addressed not only to individual but also business clients.

AMW INVEST Sp. z o.o.

AMW INVEST is a private limited company established by the Military Property Agency in 1999. Formerly known as ‘Dom-Invest Sp. z o.o.’ The Agency specializes in the implementation of housing investments in areas that previously belonged to the army. Over the last several years the company has become a recognizable brand in the Wrocław real estate market. Its achievement includes: modernization of the barracks complex located in Przyjaźni street, adaptation to the housing of former barracks in Zwyciestwa street or construction of housing estates in Wysoka, near the race track in Partynice. At present, the company focuses on the implementation of the "Mieszczańska Wyspa" project in the center of Wrocław Kępa Mieszczańska.


AMW TBS KWATERA is a private limited company and it has more than 15 years of experience in real estate management. It manages the facilities in the whole country with the total area of over 680 thousand. m². For several years, it has been specializing in comprehensive serviced and rental apartments effectively managing nearly 4,000 ones. The company also deals with construction investments and repairs. In cooperation with the Military Property Agency the Agency provides soldiers with accommodation. Dwellers and developers also benefit from the services of the condos. In each of the 10 field offices located in the largest cities in Poland, the company employs specialists responsible for administrative services, licensed administrators and authorized engineers.

AMW SINEVIA Sp. z o.o.

AMW SINEVIA is a private limited company and one of the largest construction companies in Poland. It realizes investments related to residential and industrial constructions, modernizes heating systems but also offers cleaning services. The company has projects such as the construction of residential buildings for soldiers, shooting ranges, laboratories, warehouses and hangars. The quality of the implemented projects is ensured by a team of nearly 90 specialists with specializations from construction and building specialties to telecommunication. Apart from the knowledge and experience of the employees, the advantage of the company is the ability to perform specialized work requiring industrial safety certification. The most important contractors of the company are the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland.

AMW HOTELE Sp. z o.o.

AMW HOTELE is a private limited company, one of the largest hotel companies in Poland. It offers a wide range of accommodation and conference facilities. Along with rooms equipped with multimedia equipment, its facilities are also a convenient place to organize training sessions. The company manages 17 hotels located in the largest and most prominent business centers of cities in Poland (Gdynia, Kraków, Łódź, Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław, Szczecin). What is more, AMW HOTELE also offers you a unique venue such as the 13th Century Czocha Castle in Sucha. The hotel include a total of 2120 beds and 47 meeting rooms for conferences, training and corporate events.