Tenders for the sale of armaments

Public tenders organized by the Military Property Agency (MPA) for the sale of armaments are regulated by the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 5 October 1993 in the matter of rules governing the organization of public tenders for the sale of fixed assets by State-owned enterprises and the terms and conditions of abandoning such tendering procedures (Journal of Laws No. 97, Item 443) and the By-Laws of public tenders for the sale of licensed movable property, introduced by virtue of Regulation No 112/15 passed by the President of AMW on 24 November 2015.

Buyers eligible to participate in the public tenders for the sale of armaments property shall hold a license covering the scope governed by the Law of 22 June 2001 on running business activities within the scope of production of and trading in explosives, arms, munitions and products and technologies, designed for military or police use (Journal of Laws 2012, Item 1017 as amended).

Detailed sale offers are available exclusively to the licensed companies upon the provision of a password (different password for each public tender).

Armaments covered by the tendering procedure may be examined upon prior arrangements with the Manager of Licensed Movable Property Unit - phone no. (+48 22) 314 98 78.

Photographs of armaments attached to the tender have exclusively information character and don't constitute a trade offer. Photographs cannot be spread without MPAs’ permission.

Buyers of armaments shall enter into written contracts, stipulating certain detailed terms and conditions of acquisition, receipt and payments.


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